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Our Products

We supply a variety of specialised products


Echo offers a wide range of Insolated Doors that will suit each individual clients' needs.

Hinge Doors

Hinge doors are equiped with standard magnetic door rubber, CT1178 latch, strike, CT1132 edge mount hinges, light switch and door heaters which are built in the panel on request.


Architrave Doors

Architrave doors are available in 1,2,3,4 and 5 panel doors.

Cut out sizes for frames: 1895 x 760mm

Frame sizes:

  • 1 Frame: 1935 x 800mm
  • 2 Frames: 1935 x 1570mm
  • 3 Frames: 1935 x 2340mm
  • 4 Frames: 1935 x 3105mm
  • 5 Frames: 1935 x 5875mm

Optional extras: Installed light switch

Color options: Black or Silver


Sliding Doors – Manual

Echo sliding doors are manufactured from an Echo modular panel with an aluminium finishing. We manufacture any size door on the customers' request. The sliding door-seal consists of a high quality tulub silicone gasket.

Echo sliding doors, equiped with high quality aluminium sliding gear, ensures easy operation and a high quality product.

Sliding doors manufactured for cold and freezer rooms

Freezer sliding doors has a heater to prevent the doof from freezing shut. depening on the type of floor the threshold plate is concreted into the floor.


Dropdown MTH Sliding Door

Specialized inported door. For more information please contact us.


Electrical Horizontal / Vertical Sliding Doors

A horizontal electric sliding door, on a fully imported aliminium rail set, with motor and electronic controller box. Aliminium cover over Rail, protects equipment and gives a pleasant appearance.


Personnel & Truck Doors


Walk Through Architrave Doors


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About Echo

Echo Cold Rooms started in March 1997 as a manufacturer and supplier of insulated panels. We occupy ±4500m2 factory and office space which is owned by our property company, owned by the same share holders.

Echo Cold Rooms will always endeavour to preferably avoid or at least minimize disruption and destruction of existing eco systems.

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