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We supply a variety of specialised products

Insulated Freezer Room Floors

All our freezer rooms are equiped with a 24 DV polystyrene floor. A solid core of 24DV 100mm floor insulation will be covered in a 250 micron layer of plastic, to prevent polystyrene from absorbing moisture from the ground and concrete floor on-top.

A concrete slab, according to engineers specification, will be provided on request. Pre-fabricated galvanized floors, as an option, can be installed in smaller freezer rooms.


Galvanised Floors

Standard small freezer rooms are manufactured with galvanised floors, suitable for people to walk on, not heavy vehicles and equipment

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About Echo

Echo Cold Rooms started in March 1997 as a manufacturer and supplier of insulated panels. We occupy ±4500m2 factory and office space which is owned by our property company, owned by the same share holders.

Echo Cold Rooms will always endeavour to preferably avoid or at least minimize disruption and destruction of existing eco systems.